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(lbs lost)

[09 Jul 2005|12:38am]

I have the next three weeks planned out. I’m going on SEVERE restricting. I only have 53 days left to lose 34 pounds. Here’s the plan (calories) starting tomorrow:
Week One
S. 0
S. 100
M. 125
T. 150
W. 175
T. 200
F. 225
S. 250
Week Two
S. 225
M. 200
T. 400
W. 600
T. 800
F. 600
S. 0
Week Three
S. 200
M. 200
T. 0
W. 200
T. 0
F. 200
S. 0
That’s the closest I can get to fasting without actually doing it. I’ll know how much further I am going when I’m on my last week, depends on the amount of weight lost…hopefully at least SOME.
I also haven’t been exercising much (sin I know but it’s been raining and I ride my bike, but I know: NO EXCUSES!) so I am going to start doing push/sit ups every night. My arms and stomach need…a considerable amount of work.
Well now that I have a plan…fasting today like I do every Saturday…

(lbs lost)

[27 Jun 2005|12:14pm]

I'm going to be gone for the next 3-5 days. I'm going to the hospital finally. I'll update when I get back.

(lbs lost)

[26 Jun 2005|05:55pm]

So when I tried o purge nothing would come up, then finally some did. It was uncomfortable so I drank a ton of water and waited. I did it again and…there was definitely blood. My stomach hurts now and my throat is burning…okay so I need some advice…I can’t tell my mom, especially after last night, and purging is too much of a habit right now to stop…I know I need to and I am working on it but I am more than just a little scared…

(lbs lost)

[13 Jun 2005|06:33pm]

Upon joining, introduce yourself :
Name: Athean
Age: 14
Height: 5'7"
CW: 149
HW: 205
LW: 140
STW: 130
LTW: 120
BMI: 23
Hi I'm just looking for some support when i need it most. anyone wants to add me and i'll add you.

(1 broken skate & lbs lost)

[18 May 2005|06:10pm]

make all the posts friends only.

(1 broken skate & lbs lost)

[16 May 2005|07:39pm]

Upon joining, introduce yourself :
Name: {optional}Marisa
Height:5 3
CW: I dont have a scale in my house (my mother got rid of it but I think i'm around 100-105. eek)
HW: 120. so gross. i ahte people shoving food down your throat
LW: 95
STW 95
LTW:80 or less

hey lovelies! so I made an ED playlist, I bet you guys prbably know most of these but hereit is-

01. Kidney Thieves -- "Arsenal."
02. Stacie Orrico -- "Dear Friend."
03. Fiona Apple -- "Paper Bag."
04. Bright Eyes -- "I've Been Eating For You."
05. Bright Eyes -- "Lua."
06. Filter -- "Skinny."
07. Silverchair -- "Untitled."
08. Manic Street Preachers -- "4st. 7lbs."
09. Jewel -- "501 Beauty Queen."
10. Jewel -- "Little Sister."
11. Jewel -- "You're So Small."
12. Jill Sobule -- "Lucy At The Gym."
13. Pulp -- "Anorexic Beauty."
14. Catonia -- "Bulimic Beats."
15. Huntingtons -- "Annie's Anorexic."
16. Sonic Youth -- "Tunic (Song For Karen)."
17. Golden Palominos -- "Holy Shit."
18. Lisa Loeb -- "She's Falling Apart."
19. Apocalypse Hoboken -- "Anorexic Complexion."
20. Alanis Morissette -- "That I Would Be Good."
21. Nina Gordon -- "Tonight And The Rest Of My Life."
22. Saturday Supercade -- "Penny Is An Anorexic."
23. Queen Adreena -- "My Silent Undoing."
24. Tori Amos -- "Jackie's Strength."
25. Saves The Day -- "Cars & Calories."
26. Sneaker Pimps -- "Cute Sushi Lunches."
27. Bush -- "Distant Voices."
28. Hole -- "Plump."
29. Lunachicks -- "Binge + Purge."
30. Natalie Merchant -- "Tell Yourself."
31. Ted Leo And The Pharmacists -- "Me And Mia."
32. Alanis Morissette -- "Mary Jane."
33. TLC -- "Unpretty."
34. Alanis Morissette -- "Would Not Come."
35. Skunk Anansie -- "Weep."
36. Julianna Hatfield -- "Feed Me."
37. The Matches -- "Sick Little Suicide."
38. Superchick -- "Courage."
39. Superchick -- "Rock Stars."
40. Our Lady Peace -- "Innocent."
41. Walls Of Jericho -- "All Hail The Dead."
42. Mew - "Beautiful Balloon."
43. Jack Johnson- "Posters"
44. The Rocket Summer- "Movie stars and super models"
45. Anorexia Nervosa -- "Mother Anorexia"

And I was wondering if anyone who downloads music could maybe send me some of these? Im not allowed to d/l and I think that listening to some of these would be great. so comment if you might be able t ♥

(2 broken skates & lbs lost)

[15 May 2005|10:00am]


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